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Posted by on Aug 10, 2020 in Escorts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Agency has been trying to find out which agencies are the busiest in London

We invited Mary, who runs Stratford escorts, to find out what the word on the street is. Are there escort agencies in some parts of London which are busier than others? It is difficult to know as there are no official figures available. Unfortunately, the government has not as yet published any tax codes for escorts agencies and escorts. It is, therefore, tough to ascertain which agencies are busy and which ones are not. Most agencies only go by rumors when trying to discover an exact figure.


Mary from Stratford escorts says that central London agencies are always very busy but especially during the summer. She says it is unfair that they hike their prices so much during the summer. It is why we see a lot of gents from central London date around during the summer. They try other agencies in other parts of London.


East London girls are also very busy during the summer. I have spoken to a couple of the owners, and they tell me that this summer, they have been swamped, and the girls are tired. I think that summer is the best time to top up your bank balance here in London. Many of my own Stratford escorts are also very busy and like to make the most of the summer. My girls work very hard and make sure that they keep some money in their bank accounts for quieter times. It is easy to spend it all, but my girls tend to be sensible.


I have also heard that the girls in Kingston have been busy this summer. It sounds like central London is running out of accommodation for the Arab Bad Boys, and they have had to rent property in places like Kingston this year. All of my girls at Stratford escorts, would like us to start a property letting agency so that we can get the Arab bad Boys to Stratford, laughs Mary. I suppose that would be an idea, but I am busy enough to run what I have.


Stratford escorts used to be a virtually unknown agency on the fringes of London, but thanks to Mary’s hard work, the agency is now top-rated. She has some very nice young ladies working for, and most of her girls seem to like escorting in Stratford. It is perhaps not the busiest area of London, but with more new homes at reasonable prices, many people are looking to move out that way. That could be good for businesses such as Mary’s and her happy escorts. More single gents, the more business – it is as simple as that.

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