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Posted by on Jun 16, 2020 in Escorts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

A summer with the hottest escorts

Who dates Abbey Wood escorts like Well, says Nida from the agency, you would have thought it would be a lot of newspaper and press executives but it is not. We do get some professionals who use the service, but the majority are single gents. A lot of them are divorced gents in their 40’s and 50’s, and are really nice to date. I have worked for quite a few agencies and a lot of them have not had very nice gents, but our gents are super and we love them. It is sort of w working relationship – we look after them and they look after us.

I have to say that a lot of the girls who work for Abbey Wood escorts all have their favorite regulars. It is nice to be treated like a lady and none of the chaps we have treat us badly. We are companions for them and it is all a matter of spending time with them. I have my own personal favorite gents that I like to see on a regular basis. Some of them you get worried about if you don’t hear from them, I had one incident recently that upset me a bit but it is okay now.

All girls have feelings, even Abbey Wood escorts, says Nida. One of my favorite dates did not turn up. Now, he is always regular as clockwork so I thought something was wrong. I called his mobile and a nurse at a London hospital answered. It turned out that he had a heart attack. His name is Nick and I was at his bedside fast as lightning. It was frighten seeing him laying there but he was okay. A couple of days later he had a heart bypass, and brought him home from hospital seven days later. Now, he has promised me to stop smoking.

It is funny but the doctors said they were glad he had me. At no point did I tell I worked for Abbey Wood escorts services. I told them I was a cocktail waitress but that I was a really good friend of Nick. They praised me for my faithfulness. After all I slept by his bedside for two days when he was really ill. Every time he woke up he looked straight into my eyes and smiled. That is when I knew he was going to be alright after all of the trauma.

Now, Nick has offered for me to come and live with him. I am looking forward to that as I feel I have done my stint for Abbey Wood escorts. During my time there I have trained as a yoga teacher and now I would like to work as a yoga teacher. Nick is quite well off but I don’t care about his money. He is so romantic, he has even booked a Christmas cruise for us in the Caribbean and it will be so nice to just be on our own. He has even bought me a little dog and we spend hours walking in the park to help Nick recover.

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