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Volvo FMX 4x4 pumps delivered to NIFRS

The first 3 completed Volvo FMX 4x4 pumps have been deliverd to the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service. They are pictured awaiting their PDI and registration.

End of an era in Northern Ireland

1995 Volvo FS7-18/Browns WrL SDZ 5020 has been decommissioned after more than 20 years frontline service.

It was the  first appliance built by Browns of Lisburn for Northern Ireland Fire Brigade and was the last Volvo FS7-18 remaining in service.

The appliance is due to be sent for auction.


New For Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service.

Volvo FL with the new style cab and Volvo FMX 4x4 chassis ready to have the bodywork fitted.

Photo's courtesy of Andrew Fenton.

NEW To Co. Kildare

New to Co. Kildare is this 2008 Volvo FL240 / HPMP WrC. It will go on the run shortly in Maynooth 

DFB Delta 102 Refurbished

Delta 102 has recently returned to Dublin Fire Brigade following extensive refurbishment by HPMP Fire, Tullow Co. Carlow.

3 New Ambulances for DFB

Dublin Fire Brigade has just taken delivery of 3 new ambulances. Featuring Wilker CEN bodies on Mercedes Sprinter 519 chassis, the new vehicles are now on the run at Dolphin's Barn, Phibsboro and Finglas fire stations. 

NEW To Co. Kerry

2000 Dennis Sabre / Emergency One WrL - 00 KY 10068 - Now on the run in Killarney, Co. Kerry.

From West Midlands to Co. Tipperary

New to Tipperary Fire and Rescue is this 2002 Volvo / JDC WrL, 02 TN 6060.  Ex West Midlands, it is currently being used for advanced driver training. Our thanks to Jonathan Ryan of for the use of his photo. 

Dublin Airport Fire & Rescue Service Training Rig

FIRST Class B Built By HPMP Fire

A double "first" occured recently when HPMP Fire, Tullow, Co. Carlow completed their first Class B Fire Appliance on a 300 BHP Renault Midlum chassis, the first of its kind in Ireland. The appliance, 12 MH 2542, has gone on the run in Kells, Co. Meath. Our thanks to HPMP for the photos of the new appliance.

NEW Fire Service Trust Website

The Fire Service Trust website has been completely revamped by webmaster Martin Thompson and was relaunched on August 24th. It is the number 1 source for photos and information relating to the history of Irish firefighting and fire appliances as well as many preserved and restored vehicles. We would like to wish Martin all the best with his new website.

Click HERE to visit the new website

FDNY NEW Ferrara Rescue 1

New Ferrara Rescue 1 en route to a shout in Battery Park, Manhattan. The new "Freedom Tower" at Ground Zero may be seen in the background. Many thanks to Gerry Duane for these photos.

For More FDNY Photos Click HERE

Dublin Airport Fire and Rescue Service Fleet 2012

(Above) - The Full Line-Up at Dublin Airport Fire Station, April 2012 and (Below) - The First Emirates Flight to land at Dublin Airport is escorted by the Fire and Rescue Service. Our sincere thanks to retired ACFO John Curran for sharing these pictures.

Where am I?
Obvious question maybe, but if you call the fire service will they be able to find you quickly? Especially if you're in a rural area, directions need to be clear and understandable. Depending on what county you are in, the control centre you're talking to could be in CASTLEBAR, LIMERICK or DUBLIN, so they may not be familiar with local landmarks.

Is your smoke alarm working? If a fire was to start tonight, will it warn you?
It takes about 20 seconds to test it, just get a sweeping brush handle and press the test button.
Not a whole lot of effort considering it could save you and your families life.

Click HERE > > > Fire Safety Information & Tips < < <

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Without YOU, our visitors, this would not have been possible.

Despite the 'recession' there are several NEW appliances STILL in the pipeline and we hope, with your assistance, to bring photographs of these to you as they come 'on the run'.

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Information on Drill/Practice nights in ALL areas and actual addresses of fire stations would also be appreciated.

ANY photo's used on the site will be credited with the name of the sender (Anonimity WILL be respected of course).

Thanks again everyone

Eamon (Doyle) & David (Lennox)

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